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Southern Cruisers Riding Club (SCRC) supports St. Jude Children's Research Hospital through various events, services, etc.

Help us help the kids!

Purchase one of the Opportunity Drawing tickets for your chance to win a
$1,000 cash prize!

Drawing will be held at the SCRC CA Chapters State Rally in June!



Your ticket will be placed in the Opportunity Drawing Ticket hopper for you.

MEMBERS: Your ticket stub will be in your Welcome Bag at Rally.

FRIENDS: Your ticket stub will be held by the SCRC CA STO/ASTO for the duration of the rally.

If you wish your stub mailed to you, please select the Opportunity Drawing Ticket purchase option with the label "Mailed".

SCRC CA State Rally Opportunity Drawing - ONLINE



    To ensure your payment is properly credited, please be sure to include your Name, Contact Information, and SCRC Member Number when making your payment.


    Electronic payments can be made via PayPal or with most local and major debit and credit cards. Price includes required online surcharges. You do not need a PayPal account to make payments online.


    Want to avoid paying online surcharges? Print the order form on the “Rally Printable Documents” page and send your payment by personal check, cashiers check, or money order by mail!


    Due to financial/banking standards and SCRC National Constitution regulations, please make cashiers checks, personal checks, and/or money orders in the name of the current SCRC California State Registrar/Treasurer. Please do not make payment out to SCRC, Southern Cruisers Riding Club, SCRC CA STO, and/or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The current SCRC California State Registrar/Treasurer can be found on the “CA State Officers” page.




    Free event pin is available with registration fees while supplies last.

    TShirts are typically in Mens sizes with Mens style cut unless otherwise noted. Orders received without a specified TShirt size will receive a Large size TShirt with Mens style/cut. TShirt sizes 2X-5X require an additional $3.00 to cover manufacturer out-size fees.


    Items are described as fully and accurately as possible. Purchaser is notified that past event and/or other items are purchased “as is” and no guarantee and/or warranty is expressed or implied. Please read the item description thoroughly.




    Pre-paid items will be available at the check-in at the event. Additional items may be available for purchase at the event while supplies last. However, availability, sizes, and/or styles are not guaranteed. If you miss the event for whatever reason, your pre-paid items will be mailed to you after the event, and all accounting for the event has been completed. You will be notified if bulky/heavy items you have ordered require shipping fees that need to be paid before your bulky/heavy item(s) can be shipped.


    Opportunity Drawing Ticket delivery can occur in your choice of one of three ways.:

    (1) eTicket: Have your Opportunity Drawing Ticket number emailed to you! The ticket to enter into the drawing will be brought to the rally and placed within the ticket hopper for you!

    (2) Printed Ticket-Stub: You can have your ticket stub mailed to you. The ticket to enter the drawing will be brought to the rally and placed within the ticket hopper for you! Note, S&H rates are reflected within the price.

    (3) Printed Ticket-Mailed: Have the ticket (with stub attached) mailed to you. NOTE: S&H rates are reflected within the price, and YOU will be responsible for depositing the ticket into the hopper at the SCRC CA State Rally. Why not choose the easier options 1 or 2 above so you don’t forget?!




    Due to pre-payment of event items (tshirts, patches, services, etc.), event items cannot be refunded. Refund requests for registration fees, less online surcharges, will only be permitted if we are notified 30 calendar days PRIOR to the event. You can send in a request for a refund of registration feels to the current SCRC CA State Registrar/Treasurer. The current SCRC CA State Registrar/Treasurer can be found on the “CA State Officers” page. Sorry, we cannot refund online surcharges.


    Excluding raffle and Opportunity Drawing tickets, items may  be able to be exchanged at the event if incorrectly ordered, and only if the correct item of similar type, style and/or price is available. Please order carefully!



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