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** Watch for scams using Member names! **

Updated: May 12, 2022

To be more specific, Dean or my (La Dawn) names. It seems there's some scammers obtaining information from a single source and emailing Members asking for gift cards, online payments, banking information, checks, etc.

To assure you, Dean or I will never send an email or text asking you to give or send us any of that. If we need something so urgently, we will call you.

Additionally, I highly suggest you do not respond to the emails. While it may be fun to play "cat and mouse" with them, they -are- getting information you're most likely not intending them to get with each interaction/exchange. Simply delete the email -and- block them.

Again, Dean or I will -never- send an email or text asking you to give us money in any form. Not by gift card. Not with a money order. Nor by personal check.

If you ever have any doubt... you can contact Dean or myself through the SCRC CA State email address of, Dean and I both have access to that email account and can respond promptly. Or, our personal phone numbers if you have them.

Please be careful. There are too many low-life's trying to steal the money we've earned!


La Dawn

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