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New SCRC National Website!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

SCRC National has had a website update! Check it out at!

Did you know there were THREE SCRC websites? There were! / / were combined into a single, comprehensive website.

The website revision was performed by Keith "Drifter" Townsend who is the First Officer of the Rockwall Texas (196) Chapter.

Along with the sleek, new design, some meaningful designs remained. The chain-link on the previous website is a part of the banner on the new website. The chain-link image was a point of pride for the SCRC Founder, Rickster (RIP Rickster!). He chose the chain-link "image to symbolize our bond as a club, an unbreakable link to each other and the strength of individuals that are joined together". (Quote: Scott "Ras" Rasco, SCRC National Membership Director)

Just some of the revised features of the website is the ability to use maps to search for SCRC Chapter locations. There's also printable SCRC Membership Application & SCRC Activity Waiver forms.

The & addresses will still work. So, there's no need to go changing your own websites, cards, templates, or whatever you have just yet. If you have any questions and/or difficulty with the website, there's a way to contact the Webmaster on the website.

Get on over to the SCRC National website at and check it out!

Thank you for all your hard work, Drifter! The website looks amazing!

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