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NEW SCRC CA Chapters "News" Page!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

This news page was created to disseminate information to SCRC CA Chapter Members regarding topics on the state and chapter level as well as state rally information.

Due to Delphi Forums limitations & cost and FaceBook's lack of customer support, this "News" page was created.

In my experience with Delphi and its archaic platform, I feel this page can provide more informative, attractive, and complete information.

In my experience with Facebook and its many failures, this page should keep information available without it disappearing into the FaceBook abyss.

Delphi and FaceBook, among other communication platforms, were deemed not worth the financial cost of having to pay for those services.

This page may also include information on the SCRC National level as well as from the SCRC

National and California Chapters beneficiary, St. Jude's Childrens Research Hospital.

To avoid spamming and phishing bots, posts and comments to content on this page have been turned off. If Members have any questions regarding the content on this page and/or difficulty with this page, please feel free to contact either the SCRC California STO or ASTO at

Enjoy your ride!

SCRC National Website:

SCRC CA Chapters Website:

Post by:

La Dawn "Pitbull" Garrison

SCRC California ASTO

SCRC San Diego Secretary

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