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SCRC California State Officers

All Officers and Aides can be contacted via these general channels of communication.

Mailing Address: PO Box 1263, Lakeside, CA 92040

Email Address:

Or you can use the buttons below to send an email!

California State Officer

- Dean Mills -

Hi my name is Dean Mills and I've been a member of SCRC Ventura  for 10 yrs (in 2017). I'm originally from Northern California which is why I enjoy riding up there. That's what led me to become a Road Captain, Second Officer, First Officer and now California State Officer in 2017. My goal as CA STO is to ride with every chapter in California. I like riding new roads and making new friends. Be safe and I'll see you out there.

CA Assistant State Officer & SCRC CA State Rally Organizer
- La Dawn "Pitbull" Garrison -

Hi ya! My name is La Dawn Garrison, my road name is Pitbull. I've been riding on a motorcycle since I was a teenager. My first experience on a motorcycle left me in a pile of horse manure. With a mouthful of it! (Yes! Literally!) Aparently jumping piles of horse manure doesn't work well with a street bike. Lesson learned! My experience with horses taught me to always get back on immediately, and I've ridden horses or bikes whenever I could ever since.

I'm known as the  UNofficial  hugger of the San Diego Chapter. Stay safe and enjoy your ride!



"Beware of the hugging Pitbull!"

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